5 Themes of Geography


Absolute Location: 59 degrees  56’ N, 10 degrees  45’ E

Relative Location: West of Sweden, North of Denmark, East of Ice land, and Northeast from United Kingdom.

Human Characteristics: The Longwave transmitter Ingøy is a longwave transmitter of Norsk Rikskringkasting with the frequency of 153 kHz and a power of 100 kilowatts. It is located at Måsøy, Finnmark, Norway, commenced service in 2000 and uses a 362 metre guyed mast.

Physical Characteristics: Jotunheimen (“Home of the Giants”) National Park is a national park in Norway.

Movement of People: By a car, train, boat, ship or airplane.

Movement of Goods: By a car, train, boat, ship or airplane.

Movement of Ideas: By a car, train, boat, ship, airplane, email, newspaper, and internet. 

Environment Affecting Human: Norway's temperature climate is the result of the warming gulf stream. Summers are remarkbly mild for the latitude and the Winters are very cold with a lot of snow.

Human Affecting Environment: There has been a strong earthquake in the central part of Norway which may have an impact on travel. The earthquake took place at 2:45 pm near Aalesund on the country's western coast, about 400 kilometers northwest of Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Region of Norway: Ocuping the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Scandinavia is a historical and geographical region.

the tallest building



This is The Longwave transmitter Ingøy, the tallest building in Norway.